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Jun 24, 2017:
RT @messi10stats: Lionel Messi as a 8-year-old. Happy birthday Leo ??
Jun 17, 2017:
RT @Dean36ashton10: This guy knows it's gonna be a Hot weekend!!???
May 19, 2017:
RT @FootballGrf: Just Messi and Suarez casually watching their kids play football.
May 18, 2017:
@JinSaotome @SomeHSomeE @KTHopkins Wish I had the time to play angry birds 60-80 hrs per week and don't see that.Ki?
May 17, 2017:
RT @FootballGrf: I don?t need an agent I don?t need a contract I don?t need a penny All I need is a ball, a coach who believes in me and m?

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