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Oct 5, 2017:
@morriskid Name one england game sterling has played well in? Consistently loses the ball, and lingard? How is he an international?
Oct 5, 2017:
@morriskid When we pay hard earned money to watch, a bit of pasdion and effort wouldn't go a miss, they get paid ho?
Oct 5, 2017:
@England @wembleystadium Sterling off, loses the ball too much, 2 defensive mids v slovenia, joke, any movement or?
Sep 24, 2017:
@WWEChampions We ever going to recieve anything from last weeks mess? Tokens etc? Also tapology not paying!!!
Sep 24, 2017:
@tapjoy @adjustcom Does the guest blog say about you scamming and not paying out??!! Or that you have no contact for cust service?

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