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Apr 27, 2017:
@FA just need them to actually play to progress at the top level to get decent English players, not be pawns in ffp rule bending
Apr 25, 2017:
RT @GullitR: The best news today. The stadium #arena in #amsterdam will be called #JohancruijffArena
Apr 23, 2017:
@donhutch4 was only a couple of days you mentioned cr7 as goat, cr7, bow down to the king ?
Apr 18, 2017:
@donhutch4 no where near, done nothing other than put a couple of offside goals away, he's not a patch onsome others, past and present
Apr 16, 2017:
@Gabriel_Jesus24 @messi10stats so your admitting bale & cr7 aren't as good as suarez/neymar then? They have each other ?

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