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Dec 3, 2016:
@yorkcityfc what's with all the last minute shit, ffs play until the end, we need to be 3 up on 89 mins and still make it hard to win, awful
Nov 30, 2016:
@mcmillan1968 to be fair, some of the York players may as well be playing golf ?
Nov 30, 2016:
@mcmillan1968 I reckon you could still get a game, fancy it?
Nov 29, 2016:
@ycfcpike @yorkcityfc problem is Jackie still their, and can still call shots, looking like ycfc will be having its funeral soon......
Nov 29, 2016:
@yorkcityfc I'll come and play ffs, these idiots aren't fit to wear the shirt!

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