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Aug 26, 2016:
@OffsideRulePod crosses fingers.....
Aug 26, 2016:
mums v lads fundraiser, what grassroots footy is about, please donate,mums 4 lads 4(8-9pens)
Aug 26, 2016:
@FootballGrf academy system works as well as an ash tray on a motorbike, or something similar if I'm to be honest.......
Aug 26, 2016:
RT @FootballGrf: Man Itd pay record fee for a player developed by....Man Utd. Is the academy system working? https:?
Aug 26, 2016:
RT @Intersport_UK: RT to WIN 2x @LaticsOfficial hospitality tickets to the match tomorrow Enter now before 1.15PM BST today! #WAFC https://?

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